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Harry Tinoco-Giraldo, PhD.
Learning Designer 

I'm an enthusiastic, creative and culturally aware learning designer with solid problem-solving skills and leadership training experience. I have created learning, coaching and business strategies for organizations in UK, Spain and U.S.


I'm committed to fostering a positive learning environment with an emphasis on multicultural and intercultural understanding.

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing.  

  • Graduate diploma in E-Learning from California University, Irvine, U.S.

  • Master’s degree in Human Development & Management from Barcelona University, Spain. 

  • Master Science in Education, Learning Design & Technology from Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.

  • PhD in Sociology of Education from Salamanca University, Spain.


Skills Overview

My work as an instructional designer satisfies my desire for continuous learning and encompasses nearly every other academic discipline.  I enjoy meeting with faculty to design courses, which requires me to become somewhat familiar with their curriculum and academic discipline.  Technology also changes rapidly and as an instructional designer I enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the latest innovations so that I can offer guidance and training to the faculty and educational clients I serve.  I find the duality of continuous learning while teaching to be personally rewarding.

• Curriculum and instructional design and evaluation experience for diverse                learners and cultures
• Knowledgeable in use of PC and Mac computer platforms, including a variety of      desktop and Adobe multi-media design software applications
Technical support and training experience with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas,            HTML and other CMS platforms
• Design and implementation of adult professional development
• Design and implementation of formal assessments for program evaluation and        academic research
• Quantitative and qualitative research experience
• Managerial experience

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